this is me & i am her.

i am her

i am the baby of 5 & a mama of 2.
i survived both parents having cancer, the death of my dad, 3 backpacking trips through europe, 2 humans coming out of my body, and the decline & eventual end of my marriage.
i use only small letters because i think they’re cuter & i carry an elvis postcard in my purse.
these things do not define me.

i smell like patchouli & i’ve lost count of how many tattoos i own.
i’m a university dropout & i dig curse words.
i’m getting better at saying i’m sorry.
i love people and people-watching.
i’m especially enamored by those who let their freak flag fly.

i never thought i’d be a mom.
it is the wildest i’ll ever do.
i am raising my 2 girls on my own & i’m proud of who they are becoming.

i make assumptions based on handshake. i am a candy-aholic.
i can’t help my daughter with math homework but i’m trying to teach tolerance, acceptance & that love is love.
i swore i’d be done making new friends by now… sometimes it’s cool to be wrong.
i’ve never had a coffee, but man, do people want me to.

i love poetry & super sad songs.
i cry without effort.
i wish on stars, knock on wood & cross my fingers when i want to remember something.
i’m a hugger & will almost always warn you of this fact a little too late.
i wish my boobs were bigger.
i like the sound of my voice in all its canadian-ness.
i am mid-maintenance.
i pay it forward.
nothing makes me happier than having a good laugh. i can ride that train for days.

i have known hopeless, irretrievable, heartbreaking love.
i am learning to have faith that it will come again.
i’m a multi-tasker & i drive in the fast lane. i am freakishly on time.
i love handwritten notes, grand gestures & big bold moves.
writing is my therapy, karma is my religion.
i am a carrie.
i only want to surround myself with people who show up.
i am waiting. i am moving on.
i see my life better in ink.

i am jeni b. & i am her.

this was a challenge that @createthelove suggested i do. it was unbelievably scary. but this is me. i encourage all women to pick up paper & pen & give it a go.
you won’t be sorry.

@iamhertribe has created a space where women can learn, grow & ultimately love.

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