don’t be douchey.

i was walking to pick my girls up from the school bus and 4 teenage boys were behind me.
it was the usual fare – lots of swearing, pushing each other, passing around a cigarette.
then they started talking about a girl. i’m not sure if it was the girl walking in front of them but she looked mighty uncomfortable. truthfully, i was too.
it was ‘her p***y’ this and ‘she better give me a bj’ that. it was loud and aggressive.
when they came up beside me, i shot them a proper death stare. one of the boys saw me and told his friend to ‘shut up now’. the friend started to laugh and continue on, so i chimed in with… ‘seriously. shut up.’
they instantly went red-faced and silent.
as they got a few feet ahead, the chatty one started to giggle.
i asked him what was so funny. of course, nothing was.
i almost didn’t bother. but then i decided, split-second, that the worst thing you can do in a situation like this, is not bother.
‘boys. the only thing you need to be good at in this life is not being douchey. think you can handle that?’
i didn’t get an answer.
i kinda’ wish i’d said about 1000 other things. but maybe none of it would have made a difference. or maybe it did.
i just want my girls to live in a world where they are not degraded.
let’s agree to send our kids out there armed with love & compassion & empathy & respect.

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