you are you & thank goodness for that.

in our house, singing & dancing is at a constant high.
top of the lungs, tip of the toes type stuff.
big stories are told. hands & arms wave in over exaggeration. silliness contests, naked dance parties and ridiculous conga lines happen all the time, at any moment… as big as they can possibly be.
sometimes it’s hard to find the time to pay attention and let’s face, it’s not always enjoyable – but when i slow down to take a moment, i realize how special that unabashed freedom truly is.
i always tell them to express their individuality and feel free to be exactly who they are.
everyone is different & isn’t that perfect? i always say, ‘how boring if we were all the same’.
but as you watch your children grow, you see how easy it is for them to slip into the crowd & just follow the pack.
it gets harder & harder to help them stay in a world of pure reckless abandon.
& as their mama, i need to not only try to protect that, but encourage them to be big and unafraid of showing their most vibrant colours.
isn’t it true that the best parts of the people you love, are the quirks & the differences & the traits that stand out?
you are you and thank goodness for that.

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