rinse & repeat.

i grew up going to church. my mom believes in god and every sunday we would get our dress shoes on and head to service. i didn’t think much of it until i was old enough to understand it.

it wasn’t until my 20s that i realized i had choices and could form my own beliefs. it’s not that i was brainwashed or that i came from a strict religious upbringing (in fact, my dad wasn’t religious at all); it was just the way it was. i simply didn’t know there were options.

when i moved away from home, i met new and interesting people who opened my eyes to so many things.

one of my first friends in the city was a feminist, going to school for women’s studies. i had never met anyone like her. after that, i made my first gay friends, who were out and proud and not afraid to fly their rainbow flag. and i got my first serious boyfriend… a dreamy musician who worked at a record store and studied religion.

this blew my mind. the combination of a cool poet interested in expanding his mind on that level was something i would have never imagined. i was completely naive to the fact that you would go to school for 4 years to ‘study the bible’. hello small town girl.

over the years i discovered several spiritual practices and beliefs that i am personally able to connect to. i fell in love with yoga. i believe in the moon and the stars and the retrogrades, probably to a fault. i trust the universe.

this year, i found something new to add to my list… a mantra. having these words to begin and end my day gives me something to aspire to. it’s nothing big or unattainable, it’s just something gentle and kind and within reach. i don’t always remember to say it, but it’s becoming harder to forget.

i think the beauty of spirituality is that you can find it anywhere you need to, and take from it what feels most important for you. my mom dragged me to church because she believes in god. i wrote these words because i believe in me.

wake up happy.

know your worth.

be ever grateful.

spread the love.

pay it forward.

say i love you.

give attention.

rinse & repeat.

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