our home & native land.

like most people, when i think about vacation, i lean towards new york, LA or somewhere tropical. backpacking trips through europe or a cultural jaunt to thailand, japan or some such place that inspires education, always seem to top the list.

this summer, i had the pleasure of going across our country for work. canada – west to east. like all work trips, it was a whirlwind. most nights i peeled back a corner of the bed sheet, slipped myself in for a few hours, used one towel and moved on to the next destination, without so much as a thought to where i’d just been.

but there were a few moments when i was forced to take it in… just by the sheer virtue of this country’s magnificence.

i stood in awe of the rockies. i’d seen them before but they have an unbelievable way of stopping you in your tracks every single time. the flatlands of saskatchewan are simply stunning. staring down a long straight dirt road has never given me such pause. the beauty and lushness of newfoundland is one of great irony. a simple ‘rock’, it is not. don’t even get me started on the people.

my heart grew 2 sizes on that trip. the gratitude i felt for being able to live in such an amazing place was overwhelming. our country is rich with story and horizons and colours almost unimaginable.

if you’re looking for an exotic, beautiful and worldly place to visit… you only have to start here.

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