the friend’s the thing.

‘there is nothing like puking with somebody, to make you into old friends’ ~ sylvia plath

ms plath may have been speaking to a rather specific circumstance, but the sentiment remains the same. friends will always be the ones you’re ok puking in front of.

think about it. if someone asks you what the basic things you need in life are: the answer is most likely water, food, shelter. those things are very tricky to do without. but we all know something else that is just as powerful, important and let’s face it, essential. friendship.

can you remember the very first friend you ever made? the one who got you into the most trouble? the one who was with you the time you bought that ridiculously expensive piece of clothing because they think you look good in everything? i am almost certain you can name the very best friend you’ve ever had.

i’ve always been amazed at how friends find one another. it’s like the waters part, the ether lifts and all the stars align… as if that person has been sent just for’s a little like falling in love. i have had full physical reactions to people that i just know will end up being in my circle. the way they smell, a certain familiarity, or simply a shared coincidence. that’s chemistry for ya’.

the universe likes to give you the gift exactly when you need it… it’s how you find your people.

i remember being little and listening to my parents chortle and snicker with their friends in another room. when i would enter, they would be red-faced with tears streaming down their cheeks and i could never understand what could possibly be so funny. now my girls tell me that i’m the loudest and most silly when i’m with my besties. they can’t possibly understand our giggles. it’s tried and true. a timeless story.

laughing is one thing, but it’s not until the shit really hits the fan, that you get to see who your best people are. it becomes glaringly obvious… it’s as though a light shines all the way around them. they remain impartial to your stupidity. they support all the decisions. they like every last bit of you. they’re the ones who don’t flinch at your bad news, your nonsense or your broken heart. they scoop you up, pour you wine, and tuck you in before they do the next load of laundry or finish washing the dirty dishes.

all in a day’s work.

my friends are my family. always have been. and lately, just a little more than before.

laughing, bitching, hugging, kissing, planning, scheming, snickering, dreaming, chortling, puking, traveling, singing, dancing, gossiping, learning, leaning, epic eye-rolling, hand-holding, protecting, loving.


*best friends forever and ever and ever. obvi.

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