the end for a beginning.

“although no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending…” – carl bard.

well well well 2015. you sure packed a punch. it was sometimes lovely & then really hard & a whole whack of everything in between. there were moments when i didn’t think time could go any slower and then, without warning, if i didn’t hold on tight enough, i’d lose my grip.

i watched my wee humans grow & mature & truly begin to feel for other people. they genuinely want to be kind individuals & that is more than enough for me.

i kept a roof over our heads & food in our faces. i take nothing for granted.

because of my friends, i have an even greater understanding of what family means. the kind of love that extends far beyond blood.

i somehow managed to repair my unfixable broken heart.

the internet proved itself worthy of my adoration. i have actual true friends whom i only know through words on screen. i figured out that the people who are supposed to find you, will, and there’s a whole lot of solace in that.

i allowed myself to open up. i let my weaknesses show. i accepted affection.

i have never felt more embraced by love & kindness than i did this year. and with that, i let go of who i thought i was supposed to be & am allowing myself to just be me.

i said goodbye to my mom. regrettably & unwillingly. it split me open like i never could have imagined. i learned that some fights just can’t be fought.

even with all of the shit that took place, i have an even greater faith in the universe & all of the moments being prescribed to me. i carry an unwavering hope inside & my gratitude runs deep.

i guess life’s just cool like that.

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