home is where the heart is.

as most of my friends were heading off to university or on epic trips backpacking around the world, i was about to embark upon a two-year journey that i never could have anticipated.
when i was 18, dad was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumours & i stayed home with mom to care for him.
truth be told, i wasn’t all that interested in going to university right away & i had friends who were still in high school so it didn’t seem like much of a sacrifice.

but over those two years, as people left and entered into the beginnings of adulthood, my small town definitely felt quieter.
when my mom, brother & i could no longer care for dad, he moved into the extended care ward at the hospital… and all of a sudden i had to start my life.
i sincerely didn’t know how to do that. i so badly wanted to get out into the world, but with no real plan of what the next chapter of my life would look like, it felt overwhelming.

so, in true ‘me’ fashion, i just picked a spot.
it was basically the equivalent of placing a finger on a spinning globe.
i chose london ontario.
one of my best friends was going to university there so i figured, why not.
without thought to where i would live or what i would do, i took the first apartment that i saw.
it was in this house on princess ave.

learning to live on my own & having freedom was completely new to me.
it was a time for me to figure out who i was & this house provided many memories.
i missed taking care of dad but learning to take care of me is what truly started my life.

since then, i have moved a lot. i’ve had roommates and lived on my own. i shared a couple of homes with a husband. and now, in my longest stretch as an adult, my house with my babies.

it’s not very modern, there are a few features that are down right ridiculous (see: tacky) and it looks nothing like i imagined it would. it’s jammed with toys and books and lots of small pink shoes and it’s pretty consistently dusty (who likes dusting?!).but it is cozy and safe and warm and every single definition of home.

the four walls that surround you help to shape the person you become & i am ever grateful for all the spaces.

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