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no one can prepare you for parenthood. you can’t imagine the endless hours of whining & crying & sleeplessness. being selfless was never my strongest trait. being selfless AND creative & patient & understanding & loving & hilarious & doting wasn’t even on the docket. it messes with your sleep cycle, your schedule, your social life and sometimes, your marriage. it comes in like a lion. don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll be able to prepare.

you won’t. don’t even try.

being a full time single parent is a special assignment all unto itself. people always ask me how i am managing to raise my girls alone. i usually laugh. i have no f-ing idea. my responses vary: you’re only given what you can handle. you somehow figure it out. you get used to it. those things are all very true. but the fact is, whatever kind of parent you are… it’s not easy. some days it’s downright difficult just to get out of bed. i’ve walked the garbage bin to the end of the driveway and fully imagined continuing on down the road. ‘round the bend. straight to the highway and outta’ here.

but something happens when you’re handed that wee human. your abilities become super-sized. you thought you could multitask before? you’re about to get a degree in it.

middle of the night feedings and diaper changes miraculously get taken care of. you may not remember how or when you did it, but they do.

you’ll get people out the door and you’ll get them back in. they’ll be fed, bathed and put to bed. it may not always take place in a timely or organized fashion, but it will happen.

you’ll wonder when you’ll sleep. as in, will you ever sleep again? you will. kinda’.

there will be full days of nose wiping. i’m telling you, time will stand still while you fetch more kleenex to catch more drips from a face faucet you can’t fathom still has more inside of it. your pockets will be full of balled up, soggy tissues and it won’t even faze you.

and just when you think you won’t be able to make one more godforsaken lunch, you’re snapping lids and zipping bags and sending off a decent excuse for a meal… love note included.

there will be days when you loathe it so much you won’t be able to comprehend it and then there will be those days when you love it harder than you ever imagined loving anything in your whole life. and if someone had told me that, i never would have believed them.

being a parent is quite possibly the strangest, hardest, best, worst & most unbelievable thing i’ll ever do. don’t fool yourself into thinking you’ll be able to prepare for that kind of emotional rollercoaster.

you won’t. don’t even try.

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  1. This sums it up better than I could ever have! Why is it taboo to admit it is f*cking hard as hell and sometimes we hate it? You’re my parenting hero. I do it alone 50% of the year and my God…didn’t know I had it in me. I get you! xo


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