an ode to teachers.

who are these amazing creatures that spend their days educating our children? these every day superheroes who swoop in and save us from a task that, let’s face it, seems basically pretty crummy.

they arrive in the morning with a face full of excitement and a bag full of tricks. they are greeted by soggy stinky boots, chitty chatty voices and an array of smells permeating from a million different lunch boxes. and even if the previous day was a complete and total shit show, they face the new day with an unparalleled optimism and a hopefulness that would soften even the hardest of hearts.

we know that kids come in all sorts of packages and we celebrate and applaud this, because it’s a beautiful thing. i mean, how boring would it be if we were all the same. but that’s real easy for me to say from waaay over here.

imagine having all of those unique packages clumped together, staring at you, waiting for you to blow their mind/change their world/make them amazing.

see, the thing is, those little packages aren’t all dreamy and uncomplicated and wrapped up with a pretty little bow. they are multidimensional and exquisite and well, sometimes just plain irritating.

there’s the little brat that sits at the back. the kid that picks his nose and eats it. the sneezer, the sniffler, the wheezer, the talker-backer, the unwilling to learn no matter what anyone does’er, the cryer, the pusher, the puller, the poker, the eye roller and the over OVER achiever all making their way into the classroom – that probably seems extra small on certain days – and even if they don’t feel like it (‘cuz we all don’t feel like it sometimes), teachers keep going.

and sure, they get their summers off. but don’t you think they deserve it??

you can’t stand your own kid at the best of times. now imagine having 30 of those in one room for 7 hours, day in and day out, for 10 months of the year all while being personally responsible for their safety and well-being.


summers are the least we can do.

i love my babies with all my heart but there are mornings when i can’t get them out the door to school fast enough.

the lethargy, the procrastination, and the ever-loving never-ending stream of questioning can be exhausting. the fact that there are people in this world that i can pawn that off on for most of the day, AND be assured that my kid is probably getting (at least a little bit) smarter, is quite astonishing.

dear ladies and gentlemen of the school system: i stand for you now, with a heart full of gratitude, appreciation and empathy.

you are the unsung heroes, the hard workers, the people who unconditionally care for our kids (even though i’m sure there are days when you’d rather be doing just about anything else).

you show up, you do your best and i for one, know that i could not do any better.

so thank you, teachers.

slow clap – slow clap – slow clap.

i salute you.



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