for the love of words.

i would argue that most people love reading in bed. if not the actual act, at least the idea of it. magazines, books, poetry, love letters. in whatever form you most prefer, there is something so romantic and magical about cozying up with the written word. (add a sexy sidekick to that scenario, and HELLO SUNDAY MORNINGS FOREVER AND ALWAYS UNTIL THE END OF TIME).

but whether you’re a reader or not, there is no denying the awesomeness of words. think about it. the way a sentence is strung together to perfectly describe things that resonate so deeply in all of us. maybe it’s funny or sentimental or romantic or scary. whatever your pleasure, there are so many glorious combinations and endless possibilities.

i adore reading and writing so much, i have a typewriter tattooed on my body.

some words are lovely to look at. nefarious. serendipity. ethereal. (it took me forever to figure out how to say this but i always loved the way it looked).


but words aren’t just good looking. reading can be a full sensory experience. it may sound crazy but holding a book in hand is particularly sexy. the smell of the pages, the feel of the paper, the crack of the spine. i’ve been known to dive face first into the middle of a freshly bought novel just to get that dreamy new-book high.


some words are soothing or sweet to say. there is absolute pleasure when they roll off the tongue. luminescence. sublime. ricochet. elixir. and then there’s “those” words. you know the ones. panties. moist. pus. ew.

everyone has a favourite. whether it’s a swear word (c’mon, they’re just fun to say sometimes) or something old fashioned and proper. mine is love. simple, straightforward and easy to understand. it sounds good and looks good and packs just enough punch without being overbearing.

of course words and reading make us more knowledgeable and interesting – thoughtful dinner conversation anyone? – but they also make us feel things. have you ever read a poignant or strong sentence that stops you right in your tracks? a paragraph that makes you let out an audible sigh? a simple selection of powerful prose that forces you to really feel something, like empathy or heartache? that’s words working at their highest level. that’s words doing their job.

research shows that reading and writing improves our memory and can actually reduce stress, anxiety and even help with depression. our focus and concentration improves, and the mental stimulation alone helps lower our chances of disease. wild, right? it’s the ultimate workout, minus the burpees.

and we all know that reading allows us to act worldly. we can travel to new places, learn about different cultures, immerse ourselves in sci-fi, horror, romance, or, if so inclined, be schooled on anything from knitting basics 101 to the history of modern political philosophy.

i’ll never curl up with war and peace, and let’s face it, moby dick will probably not make it onto my reading list, but it doesn’t much matter what publication you set your sights on. it only matters that you allow yourself to settle in, cozy up and flip some pages. when you sink into the story (and your bed!) and let the words wash over you, there is only goodness to be gained. reading in bed 2

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