end of season clearance.

when the seasons change, we tend to change as well. or at the very least, take stock of where we’re at, and think about the direction that we’re headed.

spring is new and fresh. we get fit, shed layers, break free.

summer is for fun and frivolity. our warmest season is really short in canada, so there’s a bit of pressure to make the most of it… really dig our heels in. i once promised myself a ‘summer of total regret’, and i meant it in the best way possible.

fall is for last kicks at the can. while we start to settle in and cozy up, we also feel that final push to make something of our long-forgotten resolutions, the last days of lovely weather and the gathering of gumption to finish the year out strong.

winter means hibernation. eating all the food, watching all the shows and making a giant ass-shaped groove in our couch.

but the end of the year and the start of a new one also has us looking back to look ahead. it sparks a kind of reflection, which leads to all sorts of do-overs, start-overs and revisions.

we make solemn plans to become devout worker-outers. we cleanse. we clean. we de-clutter. we organize and prioritize. we clear out the old to make way for the new. we want growth and change and we pledge to make the upcoming 12 months our ‘best year ever’. in other words, we vow to keep our promises this time.

but sometimes our intentions are bigger than we are, and if we don’t make the mark, it can end in disappointment and regret. it can do a number on our emotions and we find ourselves spiraling into the depths of self-pity and low self-esteem. we put so much pressure on time. we want to erase the lousy moments and we implore the new year to save us from the year that just passed.

but i believe there’s a beautiful thing about the calendar flipping over. no matter what, it always feels like a new chance. and with each season’s end and with every year that rolls past, i think we should continue to do the clearance thing. i don’t do resolutions but i totally dig fresh starts.

i personally love a checklist – crossing things off makes me feel accomplished. and coming up with goals and dreams and grand future plans is never a bad thing. but i also think – as drippy as it sounds – that we should live in the here and now. remove the pressure of following through on resolutions – simply use them as a guideline. think of it as a road map that you can choose to follow or not. either way, you’ll end up in the place you’re supposed to be.

a very wise woman once told me that we shouldn’t wish our time away, even the crummiest of moments. because time goes. it always will. but this moment – the one we’re in right now – is one moment we know we’ve got. it came for a reason. it is ours. so strap on your ridiculous 2019 cardboard crown, send your wishes out into the universe and be gentle on yourself.


**originally published on https://findyourpleasure.com/

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